DustyWildCat's Review's

Two things that I love to do in my free time of course is to watch movies and play videogames. I named my 5 favorite movies of all time back in my about me page so my first review will be on them. They are my favorite movies to watch but it doesn't mean that I think that they are the best 5 movies ever created. They are my favorite and I love re-watching them. Here's the list again if you want to see them.

My Top 5 Movies list

(1)The Godfather: Lead Marlon Brando

(2)The Untouchables: Lead Kevin Costner

(3)Saving Private Ryan: Lead Tom Hanks

(4)Black Hawk Down: Lead Josh Hartnett

(5)Schindler's List: Lead Liam Neeson

The Godfather is my all time most favorite movie to watch because it is simply just an all around awesome movie. The directing is ahead of it's time, the acting is extremely well done, and the soundtrack is perfect for every scene that it is in. Sure it's a little slow in the beginning but when it gets into the point it makes up for that slow beginning.

The Untouchables is my second favorite movie to watch. The only thing that kept the Untouchables from the number 1 spot is that it isn't as an iconic about the mafia. The Untouchables has the advantage of a slightly more modern film and people who made the movie took full advantage of it. The Untouchables was a thriller from start to finish because you never will get bored. The acting was simply amazing, the camerawork was done well, and the effects were almost all practical.That's what makes it a better movie and you will feel that Godfather vibe at some point in the movie.

Saving private Ryan would be my third favorite movie. It is the most iconic war film ever shot to date. It inspired the other directors to make more war movies and then the war movie trend begins. It didn't just inspire more people to make war movies but it inspired the them to make videogames based on world war II. Is it the best war movie I've ever seen? No. It's like the Godfather a reference point in cinema history it is the first of it's kind but not the best because of the disadvatages it had back then. Is it a bad movie? Of course not! I've rewatched it literally dozens of times and it never gets old for me.

The fourth movie I'm going to review is Black Hawk Down and it's a very good war movie. This movies has the best actions scenes I have ever seen as well as one of the most realistic. It isn't as good as Saving Private Ryan but the actions scenes are near perfect.

Schindler's list is of course my fifth review. Schindler's List is perfect in every way and has to be the best movie Steven Spielberg has ever made and many people would agree with me if look at other reviews. Liam Neeson's perfance in this movie has to be the best acting he has ever done. The only reason I don't watch it as much as Saving Private Ryan is that I might run out of tears for the rest of my life.